What is Cuboid Syndrome?

What is Cuboid Syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome is a cause of pain on the outside of the foot, that is if it actually exists. There is some controversy as to what it exactly is with some doubting it exists and the cause of the symptoms is due to a range of other types of problems. There is not a lot of evidence on this, but there are lots of opinions.

Traditionally, in cuboid syndrome, the cuboid is assumed to become partially subluxed due to excessive traction from peroneus longus tendon if the foot is excessively pronated. Because of this the cuboid is not stable as peroneus longus muscle contracts and the lateral aspect of cuboid is pulled dorsally. This subluxation is thought to be what cuboid syndrome is. The cuboid may also become subluxed after a lateral ankle sprain. Pain in the outside of the foot is thought to occur in about 4% of all foot injuries in athletes…..[read more]

Cuboid syndrome
Woke up with pain on the outer side of my foot, what could it be?

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