Managing ‘Top of Foot Pain’ in Forefoot Strikers

Managing ‘Top of Foot Pain’ in Forefoot Strikers

Top of Foot Pain’ (ToFP) or Dorsal Interosseus Midfoot Compression Syndrome¹ (DMICS) is a very common problem in forefoot strikers or minimalist runners. Its actually really easy to treat when you understand it, yet so often it becomes an ongoing problem and on barefoot websites you often see it called, “the dreaded ToFP”!

The typical symptoms of ToFP or DMICS is pain over the dorsal midfoot, usually more toward the medial side. The cause of this condition is when the dorsiflexion moments of the forefoot on the rearfoot increase the loads in the dorsal midfoot tissues beyond what the tissues can tolerate. This creates a dorsal jamming of those midfoot joints producing the symptoms. [read more]

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